Quality Policy

To fulfil the demands and needs of customers in providing comprehensive services and deliveries of comprehensive products in the required quality, agreed time and given extent.

To secure a high and stable level of quality of products and services to ensure their sale.

To deliver our customers products, which fulfil the security and ecological requirements established by general regulations for given areas of usage.

To improve the processional organisation in the entire company with the emphasis on measurement and evaluation of processes and operations; exactness of metric and quality criteria:

  • Explicit responsibility of employees
  • Quality level of inputs and outputs
  • Sale turnover of products and services
  • Profit from the attained turnover
  • Assigning and control of the appropriate sources for the realization of products and services

To evaluate the employees in accordance with the economic outcome of the company sections.

To continually improve the communication with customers, partners and the internal communication within the company.

To effectively use information for increasing the level of quality, productivity and efficiency of processes.

To deliver such products and services which fulfil the requirements and expectations of customers and business partners.

The quality of products and services of our company has to meet the needs of customers better than comparable products and services of our competition.

Every sales executive is responsible for increasing the quality level of his company section.

Every employee supports the realization of the company‘s strategic goals.