Quality and Security

Quality is for our company one of the main demands. Since 2000, AURA has certified its quality management according to standard certification ISO 9001. The processes covered by this certification are:

  • Development of application software, delivery of information systems
  • Delivery and HW and SW services, design and installation of data networks
  • Delivery of information systems for the detection and evaluation of NBC
  • Training associated with the delivered information systems, SW and HW products
  • Processing of the draft for codification data about the product

For the realization of sophisticated projects in the military area AURA has implemented a quality management system in accordance with NATO AQAP 2110 (ČOS 051622) and obtained the relevant certificate in 2005.

The permanent emphasis on the improvement of production and services quality provided by the company AURA was proved by the certification ISO 8000-110:2008 Master Data Quality Manager. AURA was awarded this certificate by the international organization ECCMA as the first in the Czech Republic.

In 2011 AURA has succesfully accomplished the certification of the “lnformation Security Management System”. Since 7th October 2011 AURA has had the certificate No. CQS 204/2011, that certifies the conformity of “lnformation Security Management system” according to the norm ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The title MDQM™ granted to the individuals who successfully passed certification tests as well as to the company AURA confirms that AURA constantly delivers its services with the top quality and successfully applies state-of-the-art trends in Data Quality Management including the system eOTD and automation of codification processes.


AURA has verification from the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic to be acquainted with secret facts up to and including the “Confidential” level of secrecy.