For three weeks, the University of Defence became home to course participants (students and lecturers) from eleven countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, who, after successful completion of the Course for Managers and Logisticians and the Course for Codifiers, received certified diplomas from the Rector of UNOB - Brigadier General Professor Zuzana Kročová, this year for the first time also from the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

The students greatly appreciated the opportunity to train on real codification software, MC CATALOGUE, which is developed by our company AURA and used in more than 20 countries around the world. Another useful tool for training was Publi, a platform for controlled distribution of sensitive documents created by the company Code Creator.

The diverse group of students included among others a general, directors of foreign NCBs and representatives from commercial companies. There was an elite representation of lecturers and moderators such as George Bond, former Chairman of the NATO AC/135 Codification Committee, Steven Arnett, former NSPA Codification Chief from the USA, and other past and present NCB directors. In addition to our company, the commercial sector was traditionally represented by Allan Webb from the UK.

The training included guided tours of the Czech Army supply bases in Brno and Štěpánov. 

The participants of the course enjoyed a rich accompanying program, including guided tours of Brno, sports competitions and a visit to the capital city of Prague. The Codification Quiz, organised by AURA lecturers, received particularly positive feedback and, as we know, found application in foreign NCBs as well.

A great satisfaction for the high-quality and systematic effort of all participants of the "NCS College together 23", mainly a number of AURA staff, is the final evaluation from students, which in total almost reached the highest possible rating on a scale of 1-5, specifically 1.15. Many of them intend to recommend the Brno codification courses not only to their colleagues in national NCBs and civilian companies involved in codification, but also to their foreign partners.