This further confirmed our position as the foremost Czech exporter of information systems for military logistics, and, at the same time, a world leader in the development and implementation of software for codification support within the entire NATO Codification System, which involves more than 60 countries worldwide.

165 purely Czech companies applied in this year's OCE, with over half of them being family-owned businesses. AURA competed in the category of medium-sized companies.

The finalists of the competition were primarily determined by the economic results, but also by interesting stories from the history and present of individual companies.

Our company impressed strongly in this area of evaluation as well. Its story, from the establishment of the company before the Velvet Revolution to its current export assets, which account for 75% of the company's total sales, illustrates the company's systematic and purposeful export strategy and its contribution to the state treasury.

The company's focus on military logistics is proving to be very foresightful and necessary in the current, unfortunately very complicated security and military times. The logistics information systems developed by the company are increasingly and widely used in the armed forces of allied nations and their partners, including Ukraine.

AURA is also significantly involved in supporting cultural and socio-civic activities: it has long been cooperating with the Ondráš Military Art Ensemble, contributing to People in Need, and is a partner of the Mission of Hope. It organises group blood donations, collections for single mothers and financially and materially supports needy Ukrainian citizens.

We were very pleased with our participation in OCE this year, although of course we are not building the company mainly for the competitions. The Czech Exporters Awards will find a place in our strategic calendar next year as well. We will definitely strive not only for a place in the finals but also for a position on the winners' podium.