A number of representatives from Czech government, local administration and embassies, and took part in the event: Radek Koten, Chairman of the Committee on Security of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, from the resort of defence there were Daniel Koštoval, Deputy Minister – Head of the Armaments and Acquisition Division MoD CZ, Major General Jaromír Zůna, Director of Support Division of the MoD, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it was Kateřina Sequensová, Director of the Common Foreign and Security Policy Department of the EU and many others. General Director Filip Engelsmann represented our company. A requirement to simplify the trade with the military materiel and an elimination of obstructions towards the Czech exporters by EU countries was clearly heard from the speech of Jiří Hynek, President of DSIA. This opinion was shared also by other discussants, among which Major General Jaromíra Zůna’s speech, dedicated to strengthening the support of logistics for all activities of our armed forces considerably attracted the attention. Deputy Minister (MOD) Daniel Koštoval made repeatedly a strong appeal to enhance a constructive dialogue of representatives of the defence resort with members of DSIA when realizing the Concept of Construction of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.