President of the DSIA CR Mr. Jiří Hynek and other participants of negotiations in their appearances payed exceptional attention to a proposal of the European Union Committee for creation of the European Defence Fund, which was in the presented form denied by the general meeting participants: “…Transfer of the funds for common purchasing to Brussels under cover of consolidation of redundant production capacities of EU will lead to their redistribution to disadvantage of small countries’ industry. In the 1990s the defence industrial capacities were reduced by approximately 85% and their further weakening would endanger safety interests of CR.” Among others engaged the attention Major General Jaromír Zůna, Director of the Division of Support of the Ministry of Defence, who pointed out general personnel insufficiency of the resort, which nowadays limits a successful realization of defence and safety concepts and an efficient use of increasing of the defence budget. Before the end of the general meeting Mr. Jiří Hynek reminded activities of association’s sections within which Ing. Filip Engelsmann acts as the chairman of the Section of Information technologies, Mr. Engelsmann is a general director of AURA – a member of DSIA CR, who also participated in the Monday’s event.