AURA organized the NDER Webinar for all countries using MC CATALOGUE. The interest in the NDER topic was confirmed by the high number of attendees. More than 60 people from 17 countries (NCB representatives and AURA’s partners) joined the Webinar. It was amazing to see and hear people from around the whole world. Time difference between some of them was 14 hours.

AURA informed about the current status of NDER implementation in MC CATALOGUE, the successful testing with the NSPA, the official NDER Compliance Tests schedule of countries, the advanced NDER features to be implemented and the NDER training program provided by AURA’s experts. The Head  of the Australian NCB shared the success story of his NCB which  recently successfully passed the NDER Compliance Tests as the first NCB worldwide. There was also a space to congratulate Japan for becoming a Tier 2 country. 

This webinar again confirmed that AURA takes the AC/135 modernization effort very seriously and all MC CATALOGUE users can be certain of  a  smooth transition of their NCBs to NDER in January 2022.