AURA, in cooperation with a local partner, commenced implementation of its codification information system MC CATALOGUE 5 for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates in November 2016, and in less than 5 months this system has been put to a routine operation in a presence of high rank officers of the UAE Armed Forces. At the official ceremony on the 2nd of March 2017 the historically first UAE NSN has been created and the international data exchange with other countries has been commenced. Chief of Logistics Staff appreciated very successful result of the project and emphasized a high importance of the codification project for the UAE Armed Forces.

One of AURA’s team including foreign experts will go on with the National Codification Bureau (UAE NCB) support and with operation of the NATO Codification System with all the trimmings. Who has worked in this country for a such demanding client surely appreciates this fast deployment approved by final acceptance tests. We are proud of this success, our thanks go especially to those who participated actively in the project.

The United Arab Emirates are the first country in the Middle East and already the seventeenth country worldwide, which uses currently the most spread codification information system MC CATALOGUE.