So far, it has not missed any of these Brno parades. This year we welcomed at our stand a number of representatives of government departments, especially from the Czech Ministry of Defence and Czech Armed Forces, as well as representatives of domestic and foreign companies and institutions. AURA introduced innovations in the development of a comprehensive information system for the support of logistics - LIS, with the emphasis on MC CATALOGUE codification software. It presented also the new Advokta information system for law firms. For the GOLDEN IDET 2019 competition, AURA registered with Publi - a multi-platform software system for publishing text and multimedia documents, which was presented to particular exhibitors at their stands. Similarly, workers of the AURA Codification Agency offered their cataloguing services to the suppliers of the defence department directly at their trade fair sites. AURA representatives participated in several accompanying conferences and seminars focusing on defence armaments and military logistics.