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MC CATALOGUE (Materiel Codification CATALOGUE) is a smart tool for easy and user-friendly materiel codification according to the standards of the NATO Codification System supporting activities of National Codification Bureaus (NCB). MC CATALOGUE Service is designed for codification agencies, defence industry and for NCB codifiers without on-line access to MC CATALOGUE.

MC CATALOGUE is in operational use at the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic as a module of Information System for Logistics (ISL).

A new version of MC CATALOGUE based on Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) technology is in operational use at National Codification Bureaus (NCB) in a number of NATO and non-NATO countries.


  • NCB Czech Republic
  • NCB Slovakia
  • NCB Finland
  • NCB Norway
  • Rosoboronexport, NCB Russian Federation
  • NCB Estonia
  • NCB Morocco
  • NCB Lithuania
  • NCB Sweden
  • NCB Croatia
  • NCB Latvia
  • NCB Hungary
  • NCB Afghanistan
  • NCB Brazil
  • NCB Australia
  • NCB Algeria
  • NCB United Arab Emirates
  • NCB South Africa
  • NCB Japan
  • NCB Jordan

The users established the MC CATALOGUE Users Group with the objective to co-ordinate their requirements for the future development of MC CATALOGUE and to co-operate closely with AURA. Nations interested in MC CATALOGUE are welcome as observers at MC CATALOGUE User Group meetings.

Functions and features

MC CATALOGUE is fully in compliance with the allied publication ACodP-1: Manual on NATO Codification.

In addition to standard functions like assigning an item name, item classification, reference or descriptive item identification and electronic data exchange among NCBs via the NATO Mail Box System (NMBS), MC CATALOGUE supports:

  • management of the complete codification process (workflow)
  • management of codification contract clauses
  • direct data exchange between the NCB and suppliers using electronic transactions
  • simple item identification using a similar item of supply as a pattern
  • easy and prompt update of large tables (H2, H6, MRD)
  • simple system for creating user accounts and their management
  • interface with ERP, logistic or economic information systems, like ISL, SAP, ORACLE etc.

MC CATALOGUE is operable in a LAN, intranet or using a secure protocol (https) in the Internet. Codifiers who have not the possibility to use on-line connection to MC CATALOGUE could benefit from MC CATALOGUE Service and use it for draft item identification and off-line data exchange with MC CATALOGUE.

It is possible to publish codification data from the MC CATALOGUE database on the Internet, intranet or on a DVD-ROM using the web tool MCC Browser.


HW and SW requirements

MC CATALOGUE is based on Java EE technology and thus independent on a hardware platform, operating system, database and application server.

The instalation is required only on a server, workstations need no instalation.

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