Java EE Technology

The global trend of information systems development is a focus on the Java EE environment (Java Enterprise Edition), which combines the internet technologies advantages and the technologies used in large enterprise systems.

Key benefits

  • independence from the operating system clients and servers
  • database independence
  • independence from application servers
  • automatic security services support
  • remote applications management over the internet
  • option of balancing dynamic load of servers
  • easy replacement of application components without any interruption and so on

Other advantages

The big advantage is also the acceptance of a common standard by most major software companies, and therefore the possibility of moving between environments from multiple vendors without any significant changes in the application. To run the application it is possible to use an application server, that best suits the ratio between the price and the desired performance. For less complex applications there is also the possibility to use a combination of an operating system, database and application server that is completely free of charge.