Establishment of NCB

General specification of the NCB role

The NCB (National Codification Bureau) codifies products, assigns national codification numbers and after achieving Tier 2 level assigns also NSNs and NCAGE codes to manufacturers and suppliers, fulfils its task as the National Codification Bureau resulting from the NCS principles, and maintains the NCS compatible National Codification System.

Process of Establishment of an NCB and Tasks of the foreign experts

The National Codification Bureau will be structured with the assistance of the Expert Team members who will apply their extensive knowledge of the best practices that they gathered during their careers at NCBs and other organizations.

The consultants in the Expert Team are experienced in operating a National Codification Bureau and have both system design and logistics application of item data background.

The advantage of this ‘skills-transfer’ approach is that the NCB works effectively and the transfer of know-how is ensured from the beginning of the Project (with intensive support from the Expert Team) to the end of the Project (when the Customer’s staff will be able to run the NCB by itself).

The Policy Working Group will develop effective policies and procedures for the NCB and identify and establish procedural changes that are required.

The International Working Group will propose bilateral agreements with other countries and will prepare processes of international cooperation of the NCB.

The IT Working Group will implement NCS compliant software MC CATALOGUE and assist with implementation of hardware and system software necessary for NCB operation.

The Working Group will prepare adoption of System Support Record and set rules for NCAGEs in the NCS.

The Codification Working Group will conduct a detailed analysis of the current national codification methods, and interface connectors and uses of codification data in logistics life-cycle applications.

The Logistics Working Group will prepare the utilization of codification data in logistics system, developing national external relations and data exchange between logistics and codification system.

The Training Working Group will prepare a training program for the NCB staff, for logisticians and for external organizations either providing or using NCS data. This working group will also be responsible for arrangement of internal and external NCS workshops.

The procedures for the establishment of National Codification Bureau will be based on the AC/135 guidelines and on the practical experiences of the Expert Team members in establishing and running NCBs in other countries.

Example of the structure of the National Codification Bureau


Planned workshops

There will be organized two types of workshops, workshops in the country where the NCB is going to be established and workshops in foreign countries. For effective building of the local NCB and to understand “best practice” it is useful to visit NCBs in other countries that operate the NATO Codification System. These familiarization visits will help to determine the best operating methods, concepts, practices, etc.