Items codification (products) is the process of acquiring and updating the catalogue data of a product, manufacturers and suppliers, whose purpose is to create a single database of items (products), comprehensible to all users.

NCS is a uniform and common system for user countries, which is intended for naming, classification, identification and warehouse numbering of property items. It is designed to maximally streamline logistic support and facilitate material data management.

The Subject of catalogization are usually all items regardless of their mode of acquisition, which are under a mandatory rule of having accounting or subsidiary records.

We offer complete service in the codification (property catalogization) area:


logo_NCSkurzy_01Courses and trainings for knowledge and implementation of the NATO Codification System

Along with the development and implementation of an information system to support the codification of material, AURA organizes courses and trainings based on relevant topics and significantly contributes to supporting the international codification academy – NCS College, organized by the University of Defence in Brno.

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Codification agency services

AURA, as a Codification Agency provides comprehensive cataloguing services for the MoD suppliers:

  • Screening – authentication in NATO databases (NMCRL) and the Czech Republic, whether the product has already been catalogued
  • SPÚK – file processing for the mandatory catalogization data (part of cataloguing trade clauses – contractual relationship)
  • NKDV – processing the catalogue data concept concerning the product
  • NCAGE – processing the requests for cataloguing code allocation of the manufacturer / supplier
  • Consulting, training – for all the NATO Codification System catalogization processes

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