Application Software

AURA offers first-class services in the information systems supply on a turnkey basis. An experienced team of professionals performs quality design, cost-effective implementation, launching and service of the tailor-made information system developed to meet the customer requirements.

Lifecycle of solution implementation in the following steps:

  1. identification of information needs and specifications of the customer’s requirements
  2. creation of a feasability study
  3. creation of catalog requests according to the informations from the customer
  4. delivery of the prototype, which can be adjusted to customer requirements (feedback)
  5. development of a system, that is compliant with the specific needs of the relevant customer
  6. installation at the customer’s premises including support during validatioin tests
  7. support and maintenance including hotline, helpdesk and delivery of new versions

The supplied information technologies are conceived as open, so that there is a saving of expended financial resources while modernizing and developing the customer’s information technology in the future.

When equipping only a part of the customer’s workplace, the new system can be integrated into the existing information technology structure.