About Us

AURA is focused on the development and delivery of individual information systems ‘tailored’ to the user needs since its establishment in 1989, in order to accelerate the implementation and use of information technologies to support the concept of centralizing the management of business processes by providing:

  • development and delivery of application software, with implementation, training, maintenance and progression
  • projection, complex supplies and installations of computer hardware and communication systems and delivery of commercial software with subsequent administration and management, maintenance and development
  • system integration services for information systems of own and foreign production
  • codification services for cataloging data processing and services for users of the NATO Codification System

AURA supports the business sector customers, service sector customers and organs of state and institutions throughout the whole lifecycle of their information systems and information technology.

The supporting products and services area of AURA are the information systems for logistics management essential for maintaining the readiness and efficiency of vehicles, machinery and equipment in relation to trade and manufacture.

AURA has developed application software for logistics information system of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.


  • maintain the symbol of high technical level and quality in development of information technologies and information systems
  • drive all activites towards preservation and improvement of the reputation of AURA
  • contribute all activities to strenghten the technical and financial capabilites
  • continuously innovate and improve top technologies


  • provide high quality and efficient solutions tailored to customer needs
  • rely on our own experiences gained over 20 years of activity
  • focus on our own research and development, and implement reliable and time-tested procedures
  • implement new and unique, large and complex projects in order to continuously improve the business skills of the customer while developing the skills of AURA


  • develop all products in close cooperation with the customer
  • collaborate with highly qualified customers to ensure that our products and services meet the current high requirements for functionality, performance, quality, safety, and user comfort
  • provide modular design of our products and a flexible arrangement of services
  • employ highly skilled and sophisticated professionals and provide them with professional growth
  • purchase all services and products that are not encompassed in our technology, or the ones we have insufficient expert experiences with
  • maintain flexibility in the organization and management of the company operating in the field of research and development

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