DevOps Engineer

We are looking for reinforcement of our DevOps team, who are building and maintaining a platform for building, deploying, servicing and supporting other software projects. Every project brings its own new challenges which we need you to help us overcome.

Responsibilities for the DevOps Engineer include:

  • if you have deployed and serviced a software package used by users inside and outside the company, you already know, what we are looking for
  • building, deploying and maintaining new tools and infrastructure for developers
  • creating instrumentation for automating and improving development and release processes
  • collaboration with other teams on the implementation of Agile practices
  • making norm automation-centric delivery of infrastructure solutions to developers
  • maintaining a high level of safety and security against cybersecurity vectors
  • diagnosing problems and delivering neutralization and solution for them
  • quality assurance for the following established development patterns

Qualifications for the DevOps Engineer include:

  • experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role
  • practical working knowledge of Linux (must) and Windows (optional) – CLI, scripting, networking, automation
  • experience with DevOps technologies - orchestration, configuration management, continuous integration, e.g., Docker, Terraform, GitLab, Ansible
  • ability to lead discussions, make presentations and deliver technical results to a non-technical audience
  • problem-solving attitude
  • collaborative team spirit
  • curious, discerning envelope pusher
  • top-notch decision-making and collaboration abilities
  • experience using an array of automation tools

Our technology stack

Ansible, AWS, Azure, K8s, Docker, Linux, Terraform, Git, Atlassian, Groovy, Python, Java, RDBMS (PostgreSQL, Oracle)


Why choose AURA

No routine, as all projects are unique (standard DB-based application, multi-node high-available application etc.). If there is a new technology or method for (not only DevOps) work, it can be implemented.


Who is AURA

  • Brno-based international company of about 100 people, established in 1989. Our customers are in 21 countries on 5 continents.
  • No open space, team-based offices of 2 to 4 developers, testers, analyst programmers, DevOps.
  • Casual environment. After work, we go hiking, cycling  or to the bar.
  • Company benefits include one more week of holidays, dinner e-voucher, benefit card, target bonuses or flexible hours.

If this offer sounds like you are the one we are looking for, please mail us your CV and a few lines about yourself at



If you want to have an advantage during interview, please include solution for this exercise:

  • using one-line shell command exchange first and second line in a file

Proč vás práce v AURA bude bavit?

Práce a soukromí v rovnováze

Práce a soukromí v rovnováze

Budete mít čas na rodinu, své zájmy. Život přece není jen práce. Oceníte třeba pružnou pracovní dobu nebo možnost práce z domu.

Přátelská atmosféra

Přátelská atmosféra

Zažijete pohodovou náladu, lidský přístup a týmové pojetí. Protože v takové atmosféře se pracuje nejlépe.

Společný rozvoj

Společný rozvoj

Vzájemně se obohatíme. Získáte naše know-how, nové zkušenosti, školení a my se rádi přiučíme od vás.

Ozvěte se nám

HR oddělení

T: +420 544 508 111 F: +420 544 508 112

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