ISL – Information System for Logistics

logo_ISLInformation System for Logistics (ISL) is a comprehensive information system of Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR), that covers wide areas of functionalities:

  • acquisition management
  • supply management
  • munition and equipment maintenance
  • logistics management etc.

The objective of the military ISL is to provide support for military logistics in all important areas and to ensure a uniform tool for all branches of the army.

The military ISL is the large information system characterised by:

  • Rich functionality – Contains a number of subsystems covering by their capabilities various areas of logistics (e.g. Supply Management, Equipment Maintenance, Logistic Management, Procurement, Acquisition).
  • Large number of users – From hundreds to thousands.
  • Large covered territory – Usually the complete state territory but also support for external missions outside the territory of a state is included.

AURA is significantly oriented on military information systems for logistics. Our employees have in this area more then twenty years of experience. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) are our major clients. We also supply information systems for external ACR units acting in the international peace forces.

Tailor-made IS

Information system for logistics is a complex system, which is “tailored” for a certain client and especially in the case of military logistics, modification according to the concrete armys requirements is important.

The first necessary step in the development of the military information system for logistics (ISL) is a strategic analysis and decision, which parts and in what order will be implemented. The ISL is usually developed by an incremental method and parts of ISL are implemented one by one according to priorities and a time schedule defined by the strategic analysis.


Supply Management

The Supply Management subsystem belongs among basic parts of the military ISL. This subsystem provides support for army materiel assurance for the whole life cycle of material item; the objective is to create optimal materiel conditions for the fulfilment of the armys tasks within the determined financial and materiel limits.

One of the crucial stones of the Supply Management subsystem is the software tool for codification in accordance with the rules of the NATO Codification System (NCS). The NCS assures a uniform identification of materiel not only in an individual army but in all countries participating in the NCS.

Munition and equipment maintenance

This subsystem provides support for planing and management of services, for planing of maintenance and repair work by complying with standards and norms, capacity of repair equipment, people and financial resources.

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